Gelecek Ellerimde (Future Is In My Hands) Project

Our Foundation that aims to reintroduce the children living and working on the streets, to the society with the fund donated by the EU Education and Youth Programs with "Gelecek Ellerimde" (The Future Is In My Hands) project has opened a shelter for children living and working on the street in 2008.

Köprü (Bridge) Project

“Köprü (Bridge) Project” has been designed to report the physical and mental developments of children in the regions where underprivileged individuals reside, with screens and develop applications to make their lives better; it was sustained in Yahya Galip Kargı Primary School in Ulus, İsmetpaşa neighbourhood in the 2 nd semester of 2011-2012 academic year.

Rhythm Academy

In Karşıyaka region of Ankara, in Şentepe quarter, there is neighbourhood of Romani People consisting of 1200 households. Those families who make a living by collecting and gathering waste paper and derivatives have 2 to 8 children per family.

International Sports Exchange Program

Within the scope of “Young America-Young Turkey” program initiated by Ministry of Health, the United States of America, our Foundation sent a representative to Chicago in 2010 and as a result of promotion works, formed association with AARP and non-governmental organization named West Side Health Authority.


Our Foundation undertook the entire responsibility of construction of Faculty of Theology, Elazığ Fırat University, which was one of the biggest requirements of that region.