Founders of Güven Hospital and Güven Education and Health Foundation
Dr. Aysun KÜÇÜKEL and Doç. Dr. Ahmet KÜÇÜKEL click here.

Born on 23.04.1941 in Malatya as the eldest child of Bedriye & Abdulvahap Aykoç Family having four daughters and two sons, Aysun Küçükel graduated from School of Medicine, Istanbul University, in 1964.

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Ahmet Küçükel was born on 10.01.1936 in Elazığ as the last child of Lütfiye&Fikri Küçükel Family having three sons and two daughters. Being graduated from School of Medicine, Istanbul University, in 1964, Dr. Küçükel got married with Aysun Küçükel in 1965 whom he met with in university years.

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45 th Year In Healthcare Was Crowned with 45 Works of Art

The exhibition “45 Years in Healthcare, 45 Works of Art from Life” organized within the frame of 45th year celebration events of Güven Healthcare Group meets with art-lovers in Galeri Güven.

Music Recital for Young Souls at Advanced Ages

Participants greatly enjoyed the event organized in Dr Aysun Küçükel Second Spring Geriatrics Center within the scope of “Respect to the Elders" week, celebrated from March 18 to 24.

Harun Antakyalı Art Exhibition Is In “Gallery Güven“

Güven Healthcare Group hosts the art exhibition of famous artist Harun Antakyalı within the scope of 45th anniversary celebration events. The exhibition named “Innovation” met with art-lovers with opening ceremony that took place in Gallery Güven. Curated by Hülya Koloğlu, the exhibition is open to visits in Güven Çayyolu Healthy Life Campus until March 4, 2018.


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Gelecek Ellerimde (Future Is In My Hands) Project

Our Foundation that aims to reintroduce the children living and working on the streets, to the society with the fund donated by the EU Education and Youth Programs with "Gelecek Ellerimde" (The Future Is In My Hands) project has opened a shelter for children living and working on the street in 2008.

Köprü (Bridge) Project

“Köprü (Bridge) Project” has been designed to report the physical and mental developments of children in the regions where underprivileged individuals reside, with screens and develop applications to make their lives better; it was sustained in Yahya Galip Kargı Primary School in Ulus, İsmetpaşa neighbourhood in the 2 nd semester of 2011-2012 academic year.


Our Foundation undertook the entire responsibility of construction of Faculty of Theology, Elazığ Fırat University, which was one of the biggest requirements of that region.

Kids are alright at GÜVEN


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