45 th Year In Healthcare Was Crowned with 45 Works of Art

The exhibition “45 Years in Healthcare, 45 Works of Art from Life” organized within the frame of 45th year celebration events of Güven Healthcare Group meets with art-lovers in Galeri Güven.

Dr Aysun-Ahmet Küçükel Medicine Awards Were Presented

11 th Dr Aysun-Ahmet Küçükel Medicine Awards were presented to their owners in the ceremony held in March 14 Hall of Güven Hospital.

Music Recital for Young Souls at Advanced Ages

Participants greatly enjoyed the event organized in Dr Aysun Küçükel Second Spring Geriatrics Center within the scope of “Respect to the Elders" week, celebrated from March 18 to 24.

Harun Antakyalı Art Exhibition Is In “Gallery Güven“

Güven Healthcare Group hosts the art exhibition of famous artist Harun Antakyalı within the scope of 45th anniversary celebration events. The exhibition named “Innovation” met with art-lovers with opening ceremony that took place in Gallery Güven. Curated by Hülya Koloğlu, the exhibition is open to visits in Güven Çayyolu Healthy Life Campus until March 4, 2018.