Born on 23.04.1941 in Malatya as the eldest child of Bedriye & Abdulvahap Aykoç Family having four daughters and two sons, Aysun Küçükel graduated from School of Medicine, Istanbul University, in 1964.

She got married with Ahmet Küçükel in September 1965, whom she met in university years, and she attended residency training on Anesthesiology and Reanimation at Bremen City Hospital in Germany until 1972. After returning to home country with her spouse and two daughters in 1972, she continued to work at the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, School of Medicine, Uludağ University.

She founded Ankara Güven Hospital, which has reached the capacity of 311 beds and 1600 employees in indoor area of 46 thousand square meters today, with capacity of 20 beds in 1973 and was awarded the title “First Woman Chief Doctor” in Turkey.

As well as Ankara Güven Hospital, Dr. Aysun Küçükel continued to work in cooperation with public and private sector actors and made huge contributions to health policy making process for the development of Turkish health system, including legislative steps.

Güven Education and Health Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Aysun Küçükel shortly before her death in August 2007, adopted the principle of service for public and she aimed to train experienced Turkish healthcare professionals in accordance with the principles of Atatürk who said “Entrust me to Turkish Doctors”.

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet KÜÇÜKEL, M.D.

Ahmet Küçükel was born on 10.01.1936 in Elazığ as the last child of Lütfiye&Fikri Küçükel Family having three sons and two daughters.

Being graduated from School of Medicine, Istanbul University, in 1964, Dr. Küçükel got married with Aysun Küçükel in 1965 whom he met with in university years.

He attended residency training in the field of General Surgery until 1972 in Germany, returned to home country in 1972 and worked as a lecturer at School of Medicine, Uludağ University, until 1982.

Then, he followed his elder brothers’ footsteps (Tahir - Rasim Küçükel) and entered politics. He was elected as an Elazığ Member of 18th and 19th Parliaments of Turkey from True Path Party. Throughout his political life, he worked as Deputy Minister for Women and Youth Affairs and Minister for Health and Social Services Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Until his wife, Dr. Aysun Küçükel, passed away in 2007, he provided high quality healthcare services based on ethical rules with cutting-edge technology in line with the requirements of Turkey at Ankara Güven Hospital, which has 311 beds and provides employment to 1600 employees today.

Today, Ankara Güven Hospital and Çayyolu Güven Health Campus, which were built on a strong foundation by Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Küçükel, M.D. and Aysun Küçükel, M.D. in 1973, continue to provide services as a local and national healthcare facility and compete with other industrial countries.