About the Foundation

Güven Education and Health Foundation is the footprint of a journey that started with a small hospital in 1973 and became today’s most valuable healthcare brand of Turkey as Güven Hospital in social sphere.

Contribution to the society has always been the priority in the eyes of founders of Güven Hospital who had dreamed about and successfully took this journey. For this purpose, both employees and founders of Güven Hospital carried out various aid and activities in fields of health, education and culture. Güven Education and Health Foundation was founded in 2006 to put in these efforts in a more effective and organized way and to ensure sustainability of them under the roof of a institutional structure. The Foundation has carried out programs to contribute to all social fields, particularly education. Those programs include, but not limited to, scholarships for students, projects for persons with disabilities, supports provided to the institutions for sportive/cultural/scientific studies.

After our founders Dr Aysun KÜÇÜKEL and Dr Ahmet KÜÇÜKEL passed away, Güven Education and Health Foundation, just like Güven Hospital, was deemed a responsibility and duty of top priority and works were sustained without interruption. The year 2019 is an important milestone for the foundation. Without deviating from target of social benefit, the foundation took a step from the axis of charity to an effective non-governmental organization that aims to bring solution to social problems parallel with the global transformation. To that end, scientific researches, local and international cooperation and projects getting support from those processes are conducted especially in fields of health, cultural and economic development. Similarly, the foundation carries out works to contribute to democratic process both in public administration and at local level.

Our Vision

To be one of the first institutions that spring to mind in education, health, culture and economic development, to lead the works conducted in these fields, to perform pioneering works for providing the most advanced, accurate and beneficial solutions for Turkey by focusing on developments around the globe.

Our Mission

We work to ensure the quality of life in advanced societies for every individual who lives in Turkey.

We engage in dialogues with public, private sector, non-governmental organizations and academic organizations in projects focusing on social benefit.

As an effective non-governmental organization, we adopt continuous research as our priority and contribute to legal processes, scientific studies and applications to manage the social problems in the most effective way.

We conduct awareness studies, scientific meetings and cultural activities to perpetuate our efforts and message for Turkey to be a country focusing on social benefit.